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ICCS Annual Congress 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

26 - 29 October 2020

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Dear Friends and Colleagues


On October 26th to 29th 2020, the International Children's Continence Society (ICCS) will host its Annual Conference in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. This will be a great event. Researchers, clinicians, teachers and practitioners from all around the World will meet, united by their expertise and commitment to children with disorders of the lower urinary tract. Global experts will give keynote lectures, the latest new research will be presented and we will all get the possibility to interact during seminars and workshops. 

This is the first time that our Society locates its Annual Conference in the Middle East. ….And it's about time. This is an important part of the World, where cultures have interacted since the dawn of history. The recent troubled history of many countries in the area makes it even more important that we get there. And Dubai is the obvious choice – an international, safe transport hub, easy to reach and where we all can interact. I promise that, as usual, the ICCS Conference will be a haven of compassion for the children, tolerance for each other and respect for Science. We will be curious, sharp and friendly. We owe this to the children of the world, not In the least the Middle East.


Given his track record of several successful previous ICCS events I am one hundred percent confident that our Trusted Regional Representative for the Middle East, Dr. Mario Patricolo, and his Team will deliver a Top Conference. The Venue is perfect, the economy is sound and the list of speakers and Participants will be awe-inspiring. The social program will also be unforgettable.


So, come to Dubai for a real Arabian Nights Experience of teaching, learning, exploring and making new Friends. And perhaps you will have time for some shopping too.


Tryggve Nevéus MD PhD

President, the International Children's Continence Society

Associate Professor, Senior Consultant

Uppsala University Children's Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden

Dear Friends and Colleagues

As the ICCS Regional Representative for the Middle East, I am honored to have been given the ICCS Boards Trust for hosting the ICCS 2020 Annual Meeting in the UAE. The ICCS (, is not new to the United Arab Emirates, as we have had a series of Events endorsed by the Society, during the last 10 years. We began with the 1st UAE International ICCS Course on Continence in Children and Adolescents, in 2009, followed by several ICCS Workshops, on the occasion of the Pan Arab Continence Society Meeting and lastly the 2nd UAE ICCS Course in 2017, as part of the Pelvic Floor Weekend, in Abu Dhabi. This is the first time that the ICCS will be hosted in the Middle East for its Annual Meeting. We have prepared a truly interdisciplinary and multispecialty Conference, with Physicians and Clinicians from All over the World, and with the cooperation of the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation ( and of the Emirates Nursing Rehabilitation Society. Plenary Sessions, Workshop and Symposia, will enrich the format and provide an efficient and interactive learning activity, with the potential for networking and data exchange. Dubai is a Modern Metropolis, which also preserves areas reflecting the Emirati Heritage, located at the cross-roads of global travel and trade. The UAE Capital, Abu Dhabi, located just one hour away from Dubai, is easily accessible, and is well worth a visit for many reasons, as well as a visit to the Louvre on Sadiyaat Island, full of rich Art from around the Globe. As well as the wonderful beaches and Multicultural foods on offer.  In October 2020 the ICCS 2020 Annual Meeting will open its activity, just one week after the start of the Expo2020, thus occurring in an even more vibrant atmosphere, than ever before, in the UAE. I am available for any clarification at any time, and I am sure that thanks to the Scientific Program, but also due to the Social Program and the pre- and post-conference tours, your stay in Dubai and the UAE will truly be an unforgettable experience!

Best Wishes,

Mario Patricolo

ICCS Regional Representative for the Middle East


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The Aims of ICCS

Incontinence is the key symptom of most pathological conditions of the lower urinary tract and bowel of children. While the involuntary loss of urine is a burden for the child and the reason that the child if brought to the doctor, the incontinence may be an indicator of an even more serious disorder with difficulty, for some reason, to empty the bladder. While incontinence may take the child's life a misery, it is not in itself a threat to life. A bladder emptying that is not complete, on the other hand, may in the long run give rise to kidney damage and severe impairment of the child's general health and life expectations. For the adult population, this important area in medicine has been thoroughly covered by the International Continence Society, ICS, for may years. In contrast to most medical societies, ICS is not the forum for a certain speciality such as urology or nephrology; instead, ICS is a problem oriented association gathering persons of different professions interested in normal and disordered function of the lower urinary tract. 

ICCS, International Children's Continence Society, has been cast in the same mould as the ICS, gratefully acknowledging the pioneer work done by the older organization. Now the time has come for children to benefit from the joint efforts of general pediatricians, pediatric urologists, pediatric nephrologists, child psychiatrists, general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, physiotherapists, medical technicians and physicists, basic research workers, and all others active in the field of pediatric continence disorders. 

More specifically, ICCS wants to:

  • Standardise the terminology used for lower urinary tract dysfunction in children, recognizing that no meaningful dialogue if possible as long as terms are not used in a consistent manner.

  • Initiate and stimulate research in normal and disordered functions of the lower urinary tract in the growing infant and child.

  • Initiate and stimulate the development of new diagnostic methods and re-evaluation of older ones to further the understanding of the function and dysfunction of the child's lower urinary tract.

  • Initiate and stimulate research on new therapies with a potential to improve or cure the many conditions under the ICCS umbrella.

  • Act as a  catalyst for the above processes through regular meetings where proponents for new as well as old ideas meet to open discussions for the benefit of both parties. 

  • Continuously distribute information about its activities and progress via all available media channels to professionals but also, and this is important, to afflicted children and their parents, injecting some amount of hope for a better life for children burdened by incontinence.

  • ICCS recognizes that a substantial proportion of children also have problems with anal incontinence and constipation. Therefore, the Society intends to include anorectal dysfunction among its preferential research areas. 

Advantages of joining the ICCS

As a member of ICCS, we can offer you:

  • Access to the ICCS web.

  • The regular ICCS newsletters.

  • Access to the regular ICCS literature update service.

  • Access to abstract-database from previous meetings.

  • Announcements of future meetings and courses of the ICCS. 

  • Special membership fee to meetings and courses.

  • Access to a list of members with email addresses.

  • The possibility to read and influence standardization documents under preparation.

  • Access, via the Secretary General, to experts in any aspect of the Pediatric Urinary Tract.

  • Useful material for healthcare professionals caring for children with bladder - or bowel problems, such as frequency/volume charts, bowel diaries, questionnaires etc.

Membership is open for Physicians, Healthcare Professionals, and Industry Representatives. 


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